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Category BE

Motor vehicles, with the exception of category A motorcycles, whose gross weight does not exceed 3,500 kg and the number of seats, excluding the driver's seat, does not exceed eight seats, the combination of a tractor of this category with a trailer, the gross weight of which does not exceed 750 kg, as well as the combination of a category B tractor with a trailer, if the total mass of this coupling does not exceed 3500 kg and the total mass of the trailer does not exceed the unladen weight of the tractor.

CSDD requirements

Training (category B) can be started from the age of 18

Category B driver's license can be obtained from the age of 18

Theoretical training (driver's courses) - 20 hours (45 min.)

Practical training - no less than 8 hours (45 min.)


Theory lessons
65.00 €30.00 €

The price for category BE theory training is 30.00 €

The price for one theoretical driving lesson (45 min) is: 22.50 €

The driving school registration fee is 30.00 €
This fee is included in the application when you register.

Online theory course training includes 11 lectures, of which 8 are online and 3 face-to-face. The price for online training is 25.00 €

Total expenses made by settlements in CSDD:

Learning driving permit – 6.16 €
CSDD theory exam – 11,40 €
CSDD driving test – 43,79 €
Driver's license– 22,05 €


Type of lessons

Klātienes (Vakara)


12., 13., 14. maijs


18:55 - 22:00


Pk., Se., Sv.

Number of lectures




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